Faultless Safety is dedicated to providing secure, accessible and versatile fall protection systems. Our team of safety solution specialists will assist you in identifying fall hazards at your facility and will customize a fall protection plan that works specifically for your company. Our systems are engineered with overhead rigid rail systems providing safe access for at-height operation or when maneuvering around industrial equipment.


Fall protection is an overhead rigid rail system utilized anytime someone is traversing along an elevated surface. When used properly, the system is designed to prevent its user from falling a long distance and limits the fall to 2’ before the system takes over. This fall protection objective is achieved by installing a steel track above your walking surface providing continuous lateral coverage along any unprotected areas. Each component of the system serves its own critical function during any fall arrest hazards.

Overhead fall protection Features
  • Continuous lateral fall protection coverage along the full length of the system
  • Reduced chances of a swing fall while working at elevated surfaces
  • Total maximum fall distance of fewer than two feet
  • Versatile selection of both permanent and portable fall protection
  • Larger spans in foundational supports compared to cable lifeline systems
  • Easy and quick connection for workers
  • Can support multiple users simultaneously

Types of Fall protection

Overhead Rigid Rail Fall Protection

The overhead rigid rail systems are designed with the highest degree of mobility of safety in mind. With this system, falls are prevented from elevated heights by utilizing the overhead tracking system and attaching the user with their harness to the system. Full mobility is achieved and safety is ensured.

Portable Fall Protection

Available in two different styles: trolley rail or single-point attachment, these units have the benefit of being mobile and customizable ensuring fall protection solutions can be supplied in a wide variety of locations. Each unit is designed to be transportable and will service all temporary or logistically challenging locations with full fall protection needs.

Rooftop Solutions

Rooftop fall hazards are always a concern. We provide a variety of options of how to best manage your rooftop concerns. Whether its installing guardrails, temporary or permanent anchorage points, personal fall arrest system or installing horizontal lifeline systems, we have a solution for all rooftop issues you may have.

Ladder Safety Systems

Falls from ladders continues to the leading cause of fatal injury or death. As a result, Ladder Safety is mandated by OSHA and the current standards require employers to have fall protection systems in place where potential falls may occur. Rules in place mandate the requirement of employers to provide ladder safety or personal fall arrest systems for fixed ladders that extend beyond provincial guidelines (typically 24 feet). Out-dated systems with existing cages and wells must be replaced and our systems provide the solutions and safety keeping your employees safe.

Need help finding the right solution? Let our safety team help guide you!

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