Loading racks can be designed for both truck or railcar loading applications. Loading platforms can also be designed for either single spot or multi-spot loading areas. Available in a variety of heights and customizable for any application, our loading platforms and tanker loading equipment are comprehensive systems engineered to safely load and unload all types of products and materials.


A loading rack is a structure that consists of both a platform AND a loading arm. This combination is used during the loading and unloading of materials for both trucks and railcars. Engineered to minimize any user reach and provides precision for workers ensuring they safely access the top of a truck or train at the height needed for their application.

Loading Racks FEATURES
  • Pre-engineered platform configurations & custom designs.
  • 1 1/2 standard pipe top rail, designed to meet OSHA standards.
  • Serrated bar grating or other slip resistant walk surfaces available in stainless steel, aluminum or fiberglass.
  • Platforms designed to support one or multiple gangways as required.
  • Design loads for footing requirements can be provided.


Loading Racks are designed with different applications in mind.

Single Pedestal Design

The single pedestal design is engineered where limited space is available. It also has the added benefit of reducing the number of concrete footings at the base saving you time and money during installation.

Tower Support Design

The tower support design is best utilized where loading arms are involved, a canopy is required, piping support may be necessary under the platform or when there are existing obstructions along the centre of the platform.

Customized racking for multiple rail car systems can also be engineered ensuring your operators are safe regardless of whether the railcars are coupled or uncoupled.

Need help finding the right solution? Let our safety team help guide you!

Loading Racks

Loading racks for truck and railcar