Full-Truck Enclosure

If your application requires a full-length platform to allow the operator to access all compartments on the truck without returning to the fixed platform, we have the solution. A full enclosure ensures the product being loaded or off-loaded is shielded from any undesirable elements, increases accessibility and mobility for the operator and adds an extra layer of safety for any users.

What is a
Truck Enclosure?

A wide gangway with a cage that encompasses the whole length of the truck. This allows the operator to access all hatches on the tanker without having to move it. These enclosures are engineered and designed in a variety of sizes suitable for all applications and industries.

Full-Truck Enclosure FEATURES
  • Pneumatic Or Hydraulic Operation Available.
  • Built For Harsh And High Use Environments.
  • Available In Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Safety Yellow Painted Steel, Stainless Steel Or Can Be Painted To Your Specifications.
  • Locks Automatically In The Upright Position.
  • Can Be Retrofitted And Modified To Your Specific Need.
  • Rugged Quality Bumpers On The Bottom Of The Unit For Vehicle Protection.
  • 500# Load Capacity To Accommodate Potential Emergency Rescue Efforts.
  • Pipe Handrails Standard To Provide A More Secure Environment For Operators.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware And Bronze Oil Impregnated Bushings Are Provided For All Pivot Points To Ensure Long Lasting Performance.
  • Slip Resistant Deck Span Walk Surface Standard With Optional Bar Grating Or Fiberglass Treads Available.
  • Customized Solutions Available.
Need help finding the right solution? Let our safety team help guide you!

Full-Truck Enclosure

Full Truck Enclosure to keep employees safe